Food of soul or else comfort food. This is what the two natured Pere Ubu offers in Glyfada.

The combination of the refinement of gourmet cuisine with the quality of pure organic materials, the passion, the expertise of professional chefs and the imagination in the presentation of the dishes under the exclusive diligence & guidance of the distinguished Greek chef Kostas Tsigkas have created the ultimate destination for all hours of the day.

Ιts all about two completely different concepts that complement each other in perfect harmony.

Pere, is a designer space with a bohemian attitude and a sense of Southern American, Brazilian, Peruvian and East Asian influences harmoniously & playfully blending. Here is the place where you can enjoy homemade sauces, burgers, and even roast duck.

Ubu has a bio healthy orientation and focuses on small producer’s products, gluten and sugar free options, a big variety of fresh juices and healthy dishes made in the “gastra” (Greek traditional pot) and the authentic stone ovens. The impressive part, which is even more important as the restaurants are side by side, is the fact that the guests feel as if they are a part of both of the two atmospheres. Pere and Ubu are like communicating vessels a fact truly remarkable whereas nobody to date has managed to make the biological affordable in an environment that truly fills your heart and soul and makes you feel like home.

The restaurants actually have two kitchens. The open kitchen of UBU serves from 09.00 in the morning breakfast and brunch and continues with its tasty delights until 01.00 at night. PERE serves daily from 18.00 until 01.00, where fun and entertainment in the bar has already started from the late afternoon hours, while take away service is also offered. Following a telephone order, we prepare your preference, relieve you from standby time, while you only visit the store to pick up your order.

Soul food is an American term initiated in the restaurants of the American South where the "food of the soul is served." Simple and hearty.

To eat in a minimal designed space, Pere sends you to a bohemian holiday in Manhattan to enjoy burgers and freshly baked pies served with cooked food with influences from around the world sipping a fruity beer or simply following the tradition of its famous cocktails.

The "multidimensional" or otherwise "alternative" burgers of Pere, are considered to be the best seller product among the delights that compose its full menu, able to cover every nutritional need and preference of even the most demanding customer converting him from the first bite to a fanatical believer. Their bread; crispy outside and fluffy in its heart so as to absorb the liquid filling in order to feel in every bite the greatness of the yummy combination it offers.

The burgers of Pere bar escape from the usual and indeed could even be envied by the most famous burgers of the world gastronomy since they are based on their originality of taste combinations, on the first quality ingredients and on the fact that they are served with home-made sauces ,nicely served in small glass jars. Indicatively, the Shriracha sauce typically found in the Philippines with fish sauce, hot and special, the sweet and sour mango and chilli, the honey-mustard and the ketchup as you have not eaten it before with fresh tomato paste. All homemade, prepared with fresh & pure ingredients.

Following the cycle of flavors having to choose among many options depending on your tastes, salads such as the one with roast chicken, shrimp, avocado, mango, walnuts and mixed greens, «low fat» proposals for main course dishes, such as grilled salmon with vegetables, baby candied lemon & quinoa or for meat lovers a steak & eggs dish from black angus juicy marinated flat iron steak with organic fried vegetables.

Ubu speaks in the language of people who care about the quality and origin of the ingredients of their dishes, a modern organic restaurant / bakery. There are two main ideas on Ubu food as describes the Chef of Pere Ubu Mr.Kostas Tsigkas, “one is ingredient-centered and the other one based on cooking techniques and finding fresh produce, the majority being organic and gluten free”. We have replaced the classic butter with peanut butter or nuts with recipes from vegetables and legumes of biological origin that make a strong sense to those who taste them.

The rich variety of organic drinks, the morning options that escape from the usual and the main courses cooked in the “gastra” (greek traditional pot) and in the special stone ovens are only a small sample of Ubu’s original menu. The options for breakfast are many and actually could cover all the needs. From the classic fried eggs, different types of omelets such as egg whites with spinach, organic mushrooms and ricotta cheese, even organic yogurt with oat flakes and almond "butter" with jam and fresh fruit. Not to mention "functional" fresh juices and freshly baked organic breads with natural yeast.

Difficult is also the choice between its wide variety of sandwiches. Roasted organic chicken with avocado, basil, mustard, honey and bufala, grilled cheese with French bread baked on the grill with butter, avocado, bacon, cheese compte and organic tomatoes, smoked salmon on toast with organic eggs are only a small sample of the delicious flavors of sandwiches one can find in Ubu.

A special category is the flatbreads - we could name them also "pizza", if they didn’t have on their own as in this case a unique personality. We refer to a long and narrow open base of fresh dough baked in the stone ovens with various fresh ingredients. Excellent choice the whole wheat flatbread and the "green", with chlorophyll from fresh vegetable broth, grilled vegetables, pecorino cheese and pesto which one will not find anywhere else. An indicative dish among the variety of the slow-cooked in the stone ovens is the asparagus with mushrooms, organic tomato, poached eggs and cranberries while among those of the “rotisserie" is the juicy duck with plum glaze accompanied with Chinese dumplings and Julienne vegetables.

Soups that escape from the ordinary as the organic Beluga lentils with mushrooms, organic mixed vegetables and celeriac with truffle, and a variety of pasta among them the penne from Zea flour with organic broccoli and homemade fresh vegetables as well as the risotto with prawns and bouillabaisse sauce.