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At Pere Ubu music is the answer to your problems, keep on moving, then you can solve them.

Our soul belongs to house music. Not everyone understands it, it's a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing.

Our house music parties take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the best djs in Greece: Andianna, Nick Jojo, Agent Greg, Mångata Projekt, Jason Wasabi, Korrila, LivaK, Fotinos, Johnn Ritz and Chris IDH just to name a few.

Saturday afternoons Yiannis and Evridiki Mitsokapa along with their Cosmopolitan music from zuccaradio are on the decks.

But our heart is Greek. Sunday is dedicated to heartfelt music. We party, dance and sing out loud our favorite Greek songs and the “kefi hits red”!

♫ If you feel that you can't take no more ♫
 ♫ And your feet are heading for the door ♫
♫ Then keep on dancing and prancing ♫
♫ Music is the answer! ♫